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Luxury homes in Milan: unique, prestigious properties

Milan is famous for its history and art and its vibrant economy and culture, and is the international fashion and design centre. Purchasing a luxury home in Milan offers the chance to live in direct contact with the top fashion and design centres, to experience the buzz generated by the stylists and creators who work in these sectors, to enjoy the beauty of the monuments and works of art that enrich the senses, and to benefit from the opportunity to walk or run in one of the Lombard capital’s many parks.

Purchasing a luxury penthouse or prestigious home in Milan, in the very heart of the city, is the key to days spent in close contact with a priceless artistic heritage, surrounded by beauty. Milan also owes its prestige to the exclusive events which it hosts, including not only fashion and design events, which attract big names from all over the world, but also major exhibitions and exclusive festivals, which make the city one of the most important centres on the international cultural scene.

Our property agency, Barbara Magro – Luxury Real Estate, handles luxury apartments for sale in Milan and assists its extremely select clientele in sourcing home solutions that meet specific needs in terms of prestige and comfort.

We offer a top-class consulting service for anyone wishing to sell or purchase prestigious homes in the centre of Milan.

Milan is a unique, original combination of beauty, prestige and cultural vibrancy, and is a very sought-after location for both homes and leisure.

Barbara Magro makes dreams come true and selects luxury penthouses, homes and villas for sale in Milan.


Living in luxury penthouses in Milan, in antique city-centre palazzos or buildings in high-class modern developments, means waking up every morning, looking at the cityscape around you and letting your eyes feast on beauty and colours.


Along the streets of the old centre of a city like Milan there are well concealed home solutions, such as luxury homes and luxury apartments, conceived and designed to fit perfectly into specific architectural contexts while delivering all modern home comforts.


The area around the city of Milan contains unique luxury villas, rich in beauty, colours and quiet and located in green surroundings. They offer refuge from the frenetic pace of a vibrant city, and the opportunity for unforgettable, intense moments of relaxation.

Luxury penthouses, an exclusive home solution

Milan is a city which attracts large numbers of fashion, design and finance professionals, who appreciate the value of living in a comfortable, prestigious penthouse. Luxury penthouses are the ideal home solution for different types of people who visit and live in Milan: on the one hand they offer a high level of privacy, while on the other penthouses have light-filled interiors, unique views and often a terrace for hosting parties or more intimate evenings.

Living in a luxury penthouse in Milan

Milan attractively combines the city centre architecture, with its many styles from the past, with more modern areas reflecting the very latest home design trends. Both the historic palazzos and the modern buildings contain dream penthouses of various sizes, constructed and structured to deliver modern standards of home comfort.

The demand for luxury modern penthouses on the upper floors of buildings is high, triggering a growth in this type of architectural development, very popular in a city like Milan with its high density of professionals and people very much alive to fashion and design trends, and very attractive to anyone who has chosen to purchase a prestigious property and is looking for a luxury penthouse for sale.

Moreover, perhaps unexpectedly, living in a penthouse is a home solution suitable for different types of people. Due to the benefits and convenience it offers, it is perfect for single professionals, for families and for older people, who enjoy the peace and quiet, the well lit interiors and the leisure activities offered by large outdoor spaces and terraces.

Luxury modern penthouses on sale in Milan

Our agency, Barbara Magro – Luxury Real Estate, offers its high-end clientele its experience in the sale of luxury properties in Milan.

We supply a top-quality consulting service for anyone wishing to sell or purchase a dream penthouse in Milan and we are constantly at work to meticulously select luxury penthouses in Milan for anyone who is looking for a home that guarantees their privacy and appreciates the value of natural light.

Our selection of luxury penthouses for sale in Milan is wide and meets different requirements.

For information please contact the agency directly.

Luxury homes in Milan: living in a unique city

On the one hand, purchasing luxury apartments and houses in Milan means the opportunity to live in homes immersed in an urban context very much part of the contemporary world, while on the other it means making a property investment that will retain its high value over time.

The city is continually enriched by the birth of new museums and exhibition spaces, and constantly attracts the interest of design firms and famous designers, who choose it as the location for their production centres or showrooms.

Living in dream apartments in Milan means the chance of daily contact with all the inputs that fuel this city to make it unique within Italy.

Luxury apartments and houses in Milan

Milan is a city that is constantly evolving and on the move, also in terms of its urban development: from the works in progress to create the new metro lines to those to construct the state-of-the-heart scientific research hubs, and from new, experimental architectural projects to the design of eco-sustainable districts with low environmental impact.

As the city’s fabric changes with the construction of new luxury living and residential areas, the property market changes with it, and properties, especially those in zones that have undergone targeted redevelopment, have gained new value.

Purchasing luxury apartments and houses in Milan is an excellent investment which can be counted on to maintain a high economic value over time. It is also an investment that enables you to experience the city to the full and keep in constant touch with the creative, financial and cultural centres that drive its economy.

Sale of apartments of prestige Milan

Luxury houses and dream apartments for sale in Milan are exclusive residences perfectly integrated into the city’s urban context, with all modern comforts.

Milan is a city that attracts the interest of different types of people, offering so much in terms of services, society events, leisure and career opportunities. It contains different types of prestigious apartments to meet varying requirements; they are all unique, refined, beautifully designed properties, wonderful settings for daily life.

Our agency, Barbara Magro – Luxury Real Estate, selects unique properties for people who love and appreciate the prestige of a home of genuine worth. We recommend direct contact as your gateway to our property offering