Property valuation and sales services

Our estate agency, Barbara Magro – Luxury Real Estate, handles the sale of luxury villas and homes in Italy, properties in Milan and prestigious villas in the rural areas of Lombardy. It supplies precise property valuations, on the one hand to set a real value on a property and on the other to satisfy the financial demands of the owners of the luxury properties for sale.

In its operations, Barbara Magro aims to relieve both the vendors and the purchasers of prestigious properties of all the work related to the sale: trusting in a professional in the Italian luxury property market is the first step in finding the home of your dreams.

Property valuations

Before proceeding with the sale or purchase of a luxury property, it is essential to perform a precise property valuation to define the economic value of an exclusive property, with due consideration of all its specific characteristics, its context and the relevant market sector.

Thanks to its experience and professionalism, our agency can provide precise property valuations that give full value to the distinctive features of the property assets for sale.

Sale of luxury properties in Milan

We are able to provide the right assistance in all phases of the sale of luxury penthouses in Milan, prestigious apartments near Piazza Duomo or Porta Venezia, and dream villas in top locations well away from the bustle of the Lombardy capital.

The agency is well organised on the one hand to find the right home solutions for a very select category of purchasers and on the other to obtain financial terms that satisfy vendors.

What’s more, thanks to a dense network of contacts with agencies in the industry and other luxury property sector players, we perform personalised searches to come up with ideal home solutions for individual needs.

We identify the opportunities on the market, assess them carefully and only offer you the luxury properties for sale that meet your requirements.

Advice and assistance with bureaucracy

In view of the high value of the properties handled and the investment required, we perform specific searches in all the most exclusive zones of Milan and Italy, and provide customised advice to define every detail of the transaction’s priorities, also considering possible property improvement or renovation works, to extend the options available and deliver convenient homes perfectly tailored to requirements.

We also provide technical and bureaucratic assistance for the assessment of properties’ registry and planning status and to produce the documentation necessary for changes in ownership.

Discreet property marketing

The sale of a luxury property involves the meticulous design of a discreet promotion and marketing plan, intended on the one hand to highlight the asset’s characteristics and on the other to reach purchasers interested in making a major investment, and above all capable of appreciating the prestige of a luxury penthouse in Milan or a dream villa in the sought-after Italian countryside.

Our agency, Barbara Magro – Luxury Real Estate, takes the greatest care over the marketing of the luxury properties on sale, fully aware of how sensitive the placing of a luxury property on the real estate market is.

We benefit from a solid network of well chosen contacts and relationships that guarantee and ensure discretion during negotiations. Given this advantage, the means we use most are word of mouth, and direct, personal contact with vendors and purchasers, an approach that has proved highly effective over the years.

The professionalism of those who have worked in the sale of luxury properties for years guarantees success in finding the right luxury villa or prestigious apartment. To learn more, we advise you to arrange an appointment.