Barbara Magro – Luxury Real Estate: luxury property agency

The Barbara Magro – Luxury Real Estate property agency consists of a highly select team of associates of outstanding professionalism and human qualities, who handle the sale by meticulously assessing all offers of luxury properties choosing only the ones that are truly unique, and matching them with purchasers’ demands.

The whole term serves the clientele by performing personalised searches to bring together the supply and demand for luxury properties and satisfy specific requirements and needs.

We also have a network of international associates, including estate agents, solicitors, notaries public, family asset managers or simply contacts operating in high class contexts.

Barbara Magro handles negotiations and the drawing-up of sales contracts in person.

Working method

The luxury properties to be accepted for sale are chosen on the basis of a single criterion: their uniqueness. If the property meets the Barbara Magro – Luxury Real Estate criteria, an exclusive agency contract is signed.

As appropriate to the economic value of properties and thus the size of the relative investments, negotiations are handled with the greatest discretion and with frequent meetings with the parties involved, to conserve the value of the property itself.

Initial contacts to sound out interest in the sale or purchase take place by word of mouth within a network of private contacts and specialised, selected luxury property agencies which represent specific interests and are excellent partners.

The agency’s values: we work with people

In this profession, discretion is the most important factor for protecting the interests of both purchaser and seller, and the uniqueness of the luxury properties themselves.

Our biggest asset is our high-class, confidential word-of-mouth system, and the contacts we have constructed and strengthened over the years.

By this method, our agency, Barbara Magro – Luxury Real Estate, has gained the trust of wealthy, important families, who place their unique properties in our hands. For contacts, we advise you to arrange an appointment.